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Serive Providers

They Could be Medical shop owners, Grocery Suppliers, Vegitable Suppliers and so on Download App

Citizens - Service Seekers

Any citizen can search the nearBy Service Providers and request for delivery. Download App

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Welcome To Serving Citizen


Serving Citizen is a system which is very useful for the people who provide social services like medical product provider, food provider, vegetable and grocery providers etc and it's useful for all citizens (Service Seekers) of the country. Country citizens can find the nearBy social service provider within ans arround their area.

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The Key Features of our Job

Support in Lockdown

We Support Service Provider and Service Seeker in Lockdown or simillar situation.

Provider & Seekers

Service Provider can search for near by service seeker. And vice versa.

Direction Provider

Provider can see the direction for service seeker and can deliver the requirements in no time.

Safe and Convinient

It's very safe to stay home and very convinient for seeker to opt in for doorstep delivery.

COVID-19 Heroes

Meet the covid-19 heroes. We thanks all of them from bottom of our heart.

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    Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

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    Citizens are heroes who stays home durring lockdown.


Starting it's baby steps in 2017, Athi Online Solutions may look like a minnow in the league of software development. But we had achieved and explored places which many dared go.We craft software because that is our passion, We @ Athi online Solution Pvt. Ltd are known for building software that solved day-to-day problems.


Established by a young and passionate team, our prime objective is to cater to the daily needs of the common man and make technology accessible to every single individual at an optimised and easy to use interface Starting with a Bus Ticketing System under the Banner in 2017 we hold a unprecedented track record and always give our best in building a long-lasting relationship with our customers.Since, we always take off-road to explore new horizons, we decided to build a prototype, for the benefit of the people. That particular spark gave birth to

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The Concept of ServingCitizen is the Brainchild of our CMD Mr. Parthiban, with the inputs from Athish V P, a 1st Year Engineering Student, Pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Business Systems at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu, India


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